Individuals or research groups conducting primary research or developing software tools and algorithms aimed at capturing different levels of scientific merits are welcome to submit a proposal.
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The assessment of scientific merit has a long and respectful history which has been demonstrated in numerous methods and models utilizing different data sources and approaches.

The proliferation and increasing availability of primary data has created the ability to evaluate research on many levels and degrees of complexity, but has also introduced some fundamental challenges to all who are involved in this process, including evaluators, administrators and researchers and others.

In order to answer the increasing need for innovative approaches to scientific indicators and metrics development, Elsevier is launching “The Metrics Development Program”. The program aims to advance research in this area by providing collaborative infrastructure and funding.

Disciplinary, program, institution or individual level indicators development could include:

  1. Bibliometric indicators of research impact
  2. Altmetrics
  3. Emerging research topics indicators
  4. Indicators of regional or disciplinary scientific strengths
  5. Patents or technological indicators
  6. Multidimensional evaluative indicators combining different data types
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